Laying Out the Job

The best way to figure out what material you'll need for your job is to make a drawing of the whole area you want to fence and fill in the necessary measurements. Read through these simple directions as a guide.

Aluminum Fence Installation

Decide where to place your gates and what size you prefer.
Gates come in a variety of widths according to style, and may be installed alone or in pairs as double gates. The width of the intended opening is the size that you will order for any gate installed between posts. Gates that will be hung from columns may need extra spacing - please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for exact dimensions. Jerith will make the gate to fit inside your specified measurements.

Measure out from your gates.
Mark your gate openings and measure out from each side to the end of your fence line. If there are no gates, simply measure from one end of the line of fence to the other. Aluminum fence sections can always be cut, but gate dimensions must be exact.

Calculate the number of sections needed.
Measure each fence line separately. Divide the number of feet by six because each fence section is six feet long. There are no partial sections, so any space less than six feet will require a full section, which can then be cut to the appropriate length before installing. You may be able to use one section in two areas, depending on your measurements and the style of fence. Those with special accessories, such as loops or rings, may be more difficult to cut and fit.

Calculate the number of posts needed.
There is always one line post needed to connect two sections of fence in a line. In order to determine how many line posts you will need, add up the number of sections for a single line of fence from one end to the other and subtract one. If you have a gate, subtract two, since you will be using two gate posts. Any corners approximately 90 degrees will require corner posts, and end posts will be needed for the end of a fence line, unless you have a gate or are attaching the section to something other than an end post, which will require wall mount castings. If you have a very small angle, you will either need to cut the section in half and put a corner post between them or use adjustable wall mount castings that swivel and attach them to an end or blank post. You will need one casting for each horizontal rail. For a large angle, you may use either a line post or adjustable wall mount castings.

Sample Fence Layout

Yard Layout

For the project in our sample layout, we have sketched in the Walk Gate, the Double Drive Gate, and all the posts. End Posts are needed on each side of the house unless the fence is secured to the wall, in which case you will need wall mount castings.

According to our layout we need to order:
18 sections of fence
11 Line Posts
1 Walk Gate
1 Double Drive Gate (2 sections of gates)
4 Corner Posts
2 End Posts
4 Gate Posts

Patriot Ornamental Wire Fence

Traditional Systems are similar to aluminum fence installations.
The calculations for the number of sections and posts will be the same. However, you will be constructing gates from either single gate kits or double gate kits, so the measurements are less exact. Plus, the spacing of the gate posts will be wider than the actual gate opening (an extra 6" for a single gate, 10" for a double).You will need to include 4 rail ends per section to attach the sections to line and corner posts and 2 rail ends per section for end posts. Jerith uses both internal (fits inside the rail) and external rail ends (fits on the outside), which are basically interchangeable unless you are using them for corners that are not 90 degrees. Then you MUST use external rail ends or adjustable wall mount castings. Post caps are also sold separately. If your fence will be 72" high, you will need to use brace bands for stability.

Use the Passby System if you prefer 8' sections and the Retrofit System when using existing chain link posts.
Divide the number of lineal feet by 8 to determine the number of sections and posts for Passby. Fence sections will be joined through the use of internal rail ends and hog ties (not provided), and they will attach to the side of line posts with screws. Brace bands will be needed for any fence 72" high. Everything else is similar to the Traditional System of installation, but you can view the complete instructions on our installation page.

Placing Your Order

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for assistance or contact Customer Service.
No fence dealer knows more about Jerith than FenceDirect, so please feel free to ask us for help.

Get an estimate and place your order.
Choose from many different styles of Residential Aluminum Fence, Commercial Aluminum Fence, or Patriot Ornamental Wire Fence. Review the details of your chosen style, enter a height and color, and select "Build Your Fence" to start the order process or simply receive an estimate. You will be able to determine the cost of your fence material, freight charges, and any applicable sales tax. Your order may be submitted either online or by phone.

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