Jerith Fence Specifications

You don't have to choose between the maintenance-free ease of aluminum and the strength of steel for your fence. The best of both worlds is available from Jerith.

What Jerith has to Offer

The Highest Strength Alloy of Any Aluminum Fence Manufacturer
Jerith has developed HS-35™, an exclusive aluminum alloy that has the strength of steel but will never rust, even in coastal areas. Every post and rail is extruded from this special alloy, making Jerith's fences the strongest aluminum fence on the market. While some aluminum fence manufacturers claim to use similar alloys, they seldom use it in both their posts and rails. In addition, Jerith is the only manufacturer that uses a high strength alloy in its pickets as well. A typical Jerith Residential Fence can support over 350 pounds per section, a Regency Fence can support over 350 pounds, and an Industrial Fence section can hold a vertical force of over 1,000 pounds without any structural failure!

"Invisible" Fasteners Instead of Screws
All Jerith Residential Ornamental Aluminum Fences are assembled using a remarkable fastening method that does not require the use of screws. After three years of research, Jerith was finally able to perfect a system that would allow a section to be built that would eliminate the typical rattling sound without sacrificing strength, which is virtually unheard of among other types of screwless fences. Jerith Industrial Fencing still uses stainless steel screws that are painted to match.

High Quality, Long-Lasting, Environmentally-Friendly Powder-Coated Finish
All Jerith aluminum fences are covered with FencCoat™, Jerith's technologically-advanced powder-coated finish. It is far more durable, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant than any other coatings you will find from competing manufacturers. It can withstand 3,000 hours of humidity and salt-spray resistance, as well as 5 years of outdoor weathering in Florida, which is far beyond what other companies' finishes have endured during testing. You can be certain that any product that Jerith makes will be well protected from the outdoor elements and will look as beautiful tomorrow as it does today.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Every Jerith Aluminum Fence is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. This guarantee covers Jerith's products against rust, defects in workmanship and materials, as well as chipping, peeling, or cracking of the finish for as long as you own your fence.

Innovative Patented Mesh Design
Patriot Ornamental Wire Fence is constructed of heavy 2, 4, or 6 gauge steel wires that are welded at each intersection for strength. The addition of horizontal rails at both the top and bottom increases the strength and rigidity even further and creates a fence unlike any other. Testing confirms that Patriot can withstand a 500 pound load without any permanent deformation. The entire Patriot Fence system is galvanized and powder-coated for outstanding outdoor durability and is covered by an 8 year warranty. Wires are spaced 3-1/2" apart in the 2 and 4 gauge styles and 1-3/4" in the 6 gauge style. This design provides the usefulness of a chain link fence with a special uniqueness that other galvanized and powder-coated welded wire products lack.

Component Dimensions

Here is a chart of the component sizes, standard heights, picket spacings, and other pertinent data relating to Jerith's fences:

ComponentResidential Strength Sizes Ovation/Regency SizesIndustrial Strength Sizes
Pickets 5/8" sq. x .050" thick 3/4" sq. x .050" thick 1" sq. x .062" thick
Rails: Top Walls
Rails: Side Walls
1" x .055" thick
1" x .082" thick
1" x .055" thick
1 1/2 " x .082" thick
1 5/8 " x .070" thick
1 5/8 " x .100" thick
Standard Posts 2" sq. x .060" thick 2" sq. x .060" thick 2 1/2 " sq. x .075" thick
Gate Posts 2" sq. x .125" thick
4" sq. x .125" thick
2" sq. x .125" thick
4" sq. x .125" thick
4" sq. x .125" thick
6" sq. x .125" thick
Spacing Between Pickets 3 13/16"
(1 5/8 " for 400 Series)
3 11/16" 4"
(1 1/2 " for 400 Series)
Post Spacing 72 1/2" on center 72 1/2" on center 72 1/2" on center
Available Heights* 36", 48", 60", 72", 54"*, 57"* 36", 48", 60", 72", 54"* 36", 48", 60", 72", 84", 96"
Standard Colors Black, White, Bronze, Green Black, White, Bronze, Green Black, White, Bronze, Green
Weight Supported 350+ lbs. per section Ovation: 350+ lbs.
Regency: 500+ lbs.
1,000+ lbs. per section

* Residential fence is also available in a 54" height as a modified Style #200 and #202, and a 57" height as a modified Style #111, Style #101, and Concord to meet most pool codes. Regency fence is available in a 54" height in Windsor and Canterbury styles. Ovation is only 48" high.

Here is a chart of the component sizes, standard heights, picket spacings, and other pertinent data relating to Jerith's Patriot Ornamental Wire fence:

ComponentPatriot Ornamental Wire Sizes
Pickets 2, 4, or 6 gauge wire
Rails 1" x 1" steel
Posts 2" sq. x 16 Gauge Steel
Spacing Between Pickets 1 3/4" or 3 1/2"
Post Spacing 72 " on center
Available Heights 48", 60", 72"
Standard Colors Black
Weight Supported 500+ lbs. per section

For printable versions of the various specification of Jerith fences, click the links below.

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