FenceDirect.com Shipping & Return Policies


Orders may be cancelled within 24-48 hours, depending on whether production has begun. If you cancel your order after this period, it will already be in process at the factory, which may cause you to be charged a fee equal to 10% of your order (excluding freight charges). If the order has already been shipped, it can not be cancelled, and you will be obliged to accept the fence when it arrives at its destination. Refusing a shipment will result in additional fees.


Fences are shipped by common carrier trucking companies. Standard freight charges may be waived for large orders, and your fence estimate will indicate if your order qualifies. If your order total is below the minimum for free freight, you are responsible for all freight charges incurred. Small orders may be able to ship by UPS.

Residential deliveries often require special equipment, such as lift gate trucks, to ensure that your order arrives safely to its destination. The trucking companies that carry the shipment to your home add a surcharge to provide such service on all shipments to a home address. To avoid this cost, you may have the shipment sent to a business address, or you can pick it up at the freight terminal. Please be aware that all orders are considered curbside deliveries, and not all drivers will assist you with your shipment once it has been removed from the truck.

Local customers may choose to pick up their material at Jerith's warehouse. All charges for freight and/or home delivery will be eliminated, however the shipment would then be subject to the local 8% sales tax. Orders for pick up will be held at Jerith's shipping docks for a maximum period of 14 days. After that time, Jerith will cancel the order and charge a restocking fee, which FenceDirect will pass on to the customer.

Shipment Errors and/or Damage

Each shipment comes to you with a Bill of Lading, or some kind of freight bill and/or receipt. If there are packages missing, you MUST note how many cartons are missing on your paperwork and contact the freight company immediately. This is an important step, as it is your only evidence for reimbursement purposes.

All shipments are sent F.O.B. the Jerith plant, meaning that ownership passes to you when the freight company picks up the packages. Jerith takes every precaution to assure that your order will arrive to you in good condition, and most of the time, there is not a problem. However, if a shipment does arrive damaged, you must note the damage on your freight receipt and file a claim with the freight company for the damaged merchandise.

Even if you are not going to install the fence immediately, it is your responsibility to make sure that you received the material you ordered. It is a good idea to check all of the Jerith carton labels which list the contents for amounts, styles, and colors. If the cartons are to be stored awaiting installation, be sure that they are not exposed to the weather. Just a little rain can destroy the integrity of the packaging. Open at least a few of the cartons to make sure that the contents match the labels. Our experience has been that while Jerith keeps mistakes to a minimum, they do happen. Any claims of material shortages or errors caused by Jerith must be reported to us within 5 business days after receipt of the shipment.

If you find a factory error during installation, contact us immediately. We will contact the factory at once and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Good business practices demand that any claims for hidden factory errors be made within a reasonable period of time. We can not consider such claims later than 30 days after you receive your shipment.


All Jerith orders are custom made, packaged, and shipped according to your request. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM FENCEDIRECT. All merchandise will be returned to Jerith in the original cartons and must arrive freight prepaid. It will be accepted subject to inspection. Any serious damage, such as gouges, dents, etc. will cause the pieces to be scrapped, and no credit will be given. Any non-standard item, such as specially punched posts, Estate or Accent Gates, can not be returned.

Undamaged merchandise that is accepted for return to Jerith's stock will incur a 20-50% restocking fee to cover the handling, inspection, recoating, and repackaging of the goods. The minimum charge for any return will be $100 plus any outbound freight charges that FenceDirect or Jerith have paid. Post caps must be returned with all posts, and hinges and latches must be returned with all gates.

Dry, unopened cartons typically incur a lower restocking fee because the material usually arrives back to Jerith in much better condition than cartons that have been stored outside. If the sections and gates return to Jerith with slight damage, they must then be disassembled, recoated, and reassembled for sale. Therefore, the highest restocking fee must be charged. To minimize damage and maximize credit on your return, please contact our office for the best way to package the material.

If you have any further questions, please contact FenceDirect Customer Service.

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