Installing Your Jerith Fence

No fence is easier to install!

Fence installationThe sections of Jerith Residential and Industrial Aluminum Fences, as well as Patriot Ornamental Wire Fences are pre-assembled, so installation is quick and simple. All sections are 6 feet long, and if you need less than that, simply cut the section to size with a hacksaw and install it at the end of a line of fence. The horizontal rails of the aluminum fence sections fit into factory-punched holes in the posts, while Patriot Wire fence sections attach to posts with castings. Just set the posts in concrete, slide in a section, and fasten into place. That's all there is to it!

You'll find that most Jerith Aluminum Fences can follow the slope of the ground without any modification, although some styles rake (slope) further than others. Jerith styles decorated with rings, however, are not able to rake once the castings are in place, and Patriot Ornamental Wire, which is made of steel, must also be stepped rather than raked due to its welded construction.

Aluminum gates are manufactured with welded joints and require no assembly other than installing hardware and castings. They can swing in or out, left or right. You decide at the time of installation, and hang them according to your preference. Patriot Ornamental Wire gates do require assembly, however, and are easily put together with gate kits that include the necessary parts. In order for any gate to work properly, the gate must hang straight, and the gate posts must always be set in concrete.

You can find further useful information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Printable Installation Instructions

All fence orders will include a set of detailed installation instructions from Jerith. If you wish to preview them, you may download the instructions using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these documents.

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