Frequently Asked Questions About Jerith Fences

We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about Jerith fences. If you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


What standard colors are available?

Most items are available in a black, white, bronze, or green FencCoat™ powder-coated finish. Other fence styles are only offered in black or bronze. A gold color is also an option for finials, ball caps and scrolls.

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How is the fence installed?

Our Aluminum Fences are installed by setting a post in concrete and sliding the horizontal rails of a section into the pre-punched holes in the post. A second post is then set at the other end of the section. A second section slides into the second post, and so on. If you need less than a full section, simply cut the rails to the size you need with a saw.

Steel fence is installed in a similar manner, but the sections are attached to the posts with rail ends. Single gates are constructed using a section of fence, a latch, 2 hinges, and 2 heights (sides), and double gates require 2 sections, a latch, 4 hinges, 4 heights, and a drop rod.

FenceDirect does not offer installations, but we are familiar with how the fence goes together, and we often know of installers in your area. Please contact us with any questions.

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Can the fence curve, and how do I handle corners that are not 90 degrees?

If your fence line bends slightly, the sections can easily be angled in the posts to follow most curves. For a very tight curve, just cut the sections in half and put a post between the two cut sections, or use adjustable wall mount castings that swivel attached to end posts. The sections themselves can not be bent without ruining their structural integrity, however.

You can also use standard line posts for angles larger than 90 degrees and corner posts for angles between 45 and 90 degrees.  Standard posts have some clearance to position the horizontal rails on an angle, and they can be made larger using a small flat file. 

An easier, and in some cases, a more attractive installation may be achieved by using end or blank posts and adjustable wall mount castings, since they can swivel to almost any angle.  You will need to order one wall mount for each horizontal rail.

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Can I use Jerith fence as a railing?

NO!  Jerith products are designed to be fences, not railings. They have not been tested to meet railing codes, and Jerith will not guarantee them as railing. Railing is meant to hold an outward force and keep you from falling. Fencing is meant for downward forces and should always be on the ground.

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Are line posts included with the sections?

No, all items are sold separately so you only need to order the parts necessary for a particular job.

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Are caps included with the posts?

Standard post caps are included in the price of all aluminum and steel fence styles. Decorative ball caps are also available for an additional charge.

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Are the sections and gates assembled?

Almost all fence sections and gates are shipped fully assembled. Certain styles require finials to be installed in the field, and Patriot Ornamental Wire gates must be created from gate kits. If ordering only a few sections, it is possible to have them shipped unassembled by UPS, but gates must always go by common carrier.

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How tall is the actual fence?

Except where it is noted, the fence height shown is the actual length of the pickets. The post usually extends an inch or so above the pickets.

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What is the post spacing?

For Residential, Liberty, and Regency fences, the spacing is 72½” from center of post to center of post.  For Industrial Strength, posts are spaced 71½” on center. American fence posts are 70" on center, and Aero are 71" or 100-3/4", depending on the length of the section. For Patriot, the spacing is 72” on center.

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Are latches and hinges included with the gates?

Self-closing and self-latching hardware are included in the gate prices, except for Liberty Series, American Series and our Estate Gates, which only include hinges. Gates over 60” wide come with hinges, but they may not be self-closing.

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What size gate opening do I need for my gates if they are mounted on wood or aluminum posts?

Our swing gates are sold by their opening size, so a 48” gate fits into a 48” opening between posts. The gates will hang flush with the face of the hinge post and latch onto the face of the opposite post.

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How do I make a double-drive gate?

Any two gates can be combined to make a double drive gate. When you order a double drive gate, a drop rod assembly will be provided for one gate, but you may also choose to purchase a second. Double gates are also made to fit a given opening size, so a 12’ double drive gate will fit inside a 12’ opening.

If you have a single and wish to make it into a double gate, you will need to purchase the second swing gate and a drop rod assembly. You will most likely need to order a new gate post as well since these are not easily moved.

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What if the gates are mounted onto the middle of brick columns?

For a single gate only, you will need to allow 1½” extra to attach the latch keeper onto the column. (So a 48” gate needs a 49½” opening.) Let your Customer Service Representative know when you are ordering a gate for this type of installation, and they will supply you with a small piece of aluminum channel to attach the keeper to the middle of the column. For large industrial gates, you will have to cut off one side of the hinge to mount it on the column.

Be aware that such installations require that the wall or column be absolutely plumb for the gate to work properly, so you may want to consider using gate posts.

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What is the largest gate you make for a particular style?

The largest gate size shown on a style’s price list is the widest gate that we will build. If you need a bigger gate than what is listed, you may have to order an Industrial Strength gate for the job, since they can span the widest openings. You should keep in mind that even if the style of an Industrial gate matches your fence, the components of that gate will be larger.

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Can I order special size gates?

Special width and/or height gates are available for an additional charge. We need the exact opening size to fabricate the gate correctly. To order your custom-sized gate, please contact Customer Service.

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Do I need gate posts on both sides of a gate?

Yes, unless you are attaching them to a building or column. Heavier posts are needed to both support the weight of the gate and to withstand the constant impact when the gate latches.

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When do I need to use 4” or 6” gate posts?

The size and weight of a gate determine when you need to use these larger gate posts, and are particularly necessary when an operator is being used.  Consult the individual notes for each style and height of fence to see if you need a 4” post for a smaller gate or when a 6” post will be needed. Some fence styles require heavier posts for gates larger than 20 square feet and some require them for 24 square foot gates. These posts do not have holes punched in them. Instead, wall mounts are included to attach the rails of the fence to these posts.

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How far can the fence follow a downhill slope (known as raking or racking)?

Most Residential sections of fence can rake about 2 - 3 feet over their span, and Commercial sections rake about 12". (Some styles can not rake as far. Check the notes on the detail pages for each fence style for differences.) 

Concord Fencing, fence styles with rings, and Patriot Ornamental Wire sections can not rake at all and need to be stepped.  This is best achieved with the use of wall mount castings and end posts or blank posts.

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What if I need a special post?

Specially punched posts can be fabricated for an additional fee. A sketch is required before these posts can be made. Contact Customer Service for help.

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How do I attach the fence to a column or wall?

Use wall mounts to fasten the rails of the fence to the column or wall.  Wall mounts are small aluminum castings that go over the end of a rail and have holes to attach them to a flat surface.  There are two types - standard and adjustable.  Standard wall mounts attach straight onto the column or wall, while adjustable wall mounts allow you to make an angle of up to 45 degrees.  Stainless steel fasteners must be used with these castings and are not provided.

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What should the spacing be when I am installing between columns?

The maximum distance between columns is the standard post spacing times the number of sections between the columns minus the width of one post.  For example, if you want to space your columns so that three Residential sections fit between them, take 3 times the post spacing of 72-1/2" minus one 2" post:

   (3 x 72.5") - 2" = 215.5" or 17' 11-1/2" between columns.

For Industrial fencing, this opening would be:

   (3 x 71.5") - 2.5" = 212" or 17' 8" between columns.

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How do I attach the fence to the deck around a pool?

To fasten posts to a concrete slab, we always recommend that you core drill the concrete.  This can be done with a large drill and a hollow carbide bit.  Equipment is usually available at any tool-rental company.

If this is not feasible, then you may be able to use deck mounts for at least some of your posts if not all.  Jerith's aluminum castings are unique and are some of the best offered anywhere.  These deck mounts fit inside the bottom of a post and secure to the post through the expansion of the two pieces by tightening a bolt.  (Since deck mounts fit inside posts, fence styles with bottom rails may not work properly because the rails will be in the way.)  Four stainless steel bolts are required to attach the deck mount to the concrete, which you must provide. 


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How long will my order take to arrive?

Almost every Jerith fence is shipped in about a week, although arched gates or large Industrial gates may take longer if they are not in stock.  Fences that are coated white may also take a few extra days, as that color is not run as often as black or bronze. Once the order ships, it could take between a couple of days to a week to reach your area, depending on how far you are from Jerith's factory in Philadelphia.  At that point, the trucking company will contact you for delivery.  Unfortunately, we have no control over how long the delivery will take once it leaves Jerith's warehouse, so you'll want to leave yourself plenty of time for your fence to arrive.  You may also choose to pick up your order at the freight terminal.  Please let us know if you're on a tight schedule, and we'll do what we can to assist you.

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How do I determine what material I need?

Visit the page "Laying out the Job".  There you will find helpful tips and step-by-step instructions.  If you still need help, contact Customer Service or send us a drawing.  We'll help you figure out exactly what you need.

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What do I have to order with a gate?

You must order two heavy-duty gate posts if you are not attaching the gate to a wall or column.  These posts with extra thick inside walls are necessary to withstand the weight of the gate and the constant closing of the latch.  Smaller gates require 2" square posts for Residential fence, while larger gates may require 4" or 6" posts.  The size and weight of the gate determines what posts you will need, and you will find detailed notes for each fence style and height when you bring up the order page after choosing a fence to build.

All hardware needed for a standard installation are included. Gate hinges, latches, drop rods, and fasteners will be provided, except where noted.  Although a few fence styles include Magna-latches as the standard latch (Ovation series and Patriot), most come with Jerith's EverLatch.  If you prefer the Magna-Latch for other styles, you'll need to order that separately.  You can also order ball caps, finials, or scrolls to make your gate a little more special.

For Patriot Ornamental Wire fence, you will need to order one or two sections along with a gate kit. And for Estate Gates, drop rods and latches are purchased separately since they are not required when using an automatic gate operator.

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How do I repair a section of fence that's been damaged?

If only a rail or a couple of pickets are damaged, you can choose to simply replace those parts by contacting Customer Service.

If you have more substantial damage, then you'll need to replace the entire section. In order to do that, you'll need to either remove a post or use wall mount castings. Sections are wider than the space between the posts, since part of the rails fit inside the posts. That means you will be unable to replace a section without removing a post and resetting it in concrete or first cutting the rails down, putting wall mount castings on the rails, and then sliding the section in place. You would need one casting per rail.

You can choose to have sections sent unassembled by UPS, but Jerith will charge an additional $12 per section to pack parts, which is more labor intensive. Sections are now assembled with stainless steel hidden fasteners rather than screws, so if you'd like the new section to match an older style fence, you may want to order screws. It's not required, however, and you probably won't notice a difference unless you're up close to the fence.

The only other information you may want to check if you have a very old fence is whether any dimensions have changed over the years. You can review Jerith's drawings of their current styles at and match them to your existing fence.

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Should I order touch-up paint?

Jerith ships a small bottle of touch-up paint with most orders over 15 sections to cover minor nicks and damage that may occur in transit or during installation at no charge.  You can choose to purchase another bottle of touch-up paint or a can of spray paint, although you should not use these paints to cover a large area because they will weather and fade at a different rate than the FencCoat powder-coated finish.  These paints are not guaranteed for that reason. Patriot fence does not come with paint and must be ordered.

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Why do Jerith fences cost more than other aluminum fences on the market?

Jerith is very particular when it comes to quality and service. There are other aluminum fence manufacturers, but none of them come close to the amount of experience, commitment to research, and value of high standards that Jerith is known for in the industry. They were the first to manufacture aluminum fences, so anything else is simply a copy, and they continue to improve their products every year. Other manufacturers will claim that their fences are just as strong and durable, but it's simply not true. They are able to sell their fencing for less money because it's not constructed with the same high quality material or coating, does not use the same fastening system, and is not held to the same standard of quality control. You know you're getting the finest aluminum fence on the market when it says "Jerith" on it. Anything else is second best.

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Why are FenceDirect's prices sometimes higher than some of its competitors?

Like Jerith, we strive for excellence in service and commitment to our customers. Although we remain competitive in price with other fence companies, we do not cut corners in our customer service in order to "make a buck". We answer all questions quickly and honestly and make certain that you have the correct material that you will need for your project, because Jerith's return policies are very strict.

If you find that your quote for fencing is much higher than other quotes you received, please let us know, and we will work with you on a price that is more competitive. There are other fence dealers that are less reputable, however, that may offer you a lower price just to win your business and may not care whether your order is accurate. There are also fence dealers who buy in large quantities who will sell you a new type of Jerith fence (known as Liberty Fence) that is similar to styles #101, #200, and #202 but is less expensive due to lower quality parts and pass it off as the same higher quality product that FenceDirect sells. Always be careful who you are working with and what you are purchasing.

FenceDirect has been in business since 1999, and we have been honored with Jerith's Top Dealer Award every year for many, many years. FenceDirect is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, so you can be sure that we are honest and trustworthy and live up to the standards put forth by the Bureau.

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