Medium Aluminum Sundials

For centuries, sundials have been used to mark the passage of time while reminding us of the rhythms of our universe. While modern day timepieces have long since replaced the practical usefulness of the sundial, there is a sense of earthen nostalgia that makes sundials appropriate as functional garden accents.

Large Aluminum Sundials

This ancient clock, which has survived the test of time, is offered in an elegant collection of uniquely styled sundials. Each piece is crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum and carefully finished with weather-resistant paint to withstand any climate.

Combination Sundial Birdbath

Here is a truly unique item - a sundial and birdbath combined. These are the finishing touches you have been searching for in your garden.

Sundial Bases

Choose from one of 2 decorative aluminum bases on which to display your sundial. They are specially made to coordinate with whatever style you select.

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