Birdbaths and Bird Feeders

Hanging Birdbaths

Hang these lovely birdbaths from a tree or hanger and invite wildlife into your garden. The bowls are 15" in diameter, and the chains are 24" long.

Pedestal Birdbaths

Pedestal Birdbaths are a wonderful way to bring nature to your garden. Place them close by and enjoy some bird watching in your backyard. Pedestals can also be purchased separately.

6 Inch Tube Feeders

With over 52 million participants, the popularity of bird feeding as a hobby is second only to gardening. These birdfeeders are crafted of rust-free aluminum and are small enough to hang in any backyard tree.

12 Inch Tube Feeders

These beautiful birdfeeders hold up to 12 inches of birdseed, which will offer you hours of birdwatching pleasure.

Artisan Suet Feeders

These beautiful suets are protected from the sun and rain by a roof. They open from the side, making them easy to fill and clean.

Garden Feeders

Instead of hanging a birdfeeder from your tree, you can place these wonderful feeders right in the middle of your garden. 17" stakes are included with your purchase.

Silhouette Feeders

These attractive birdfeeders are easy to fill and have a large seed capacity. They are perfect for a wide variety of feed.

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No garden is complete without a birdhouse to shelter your fine-feathered friends. Hang them on the nearest tree, and soon birds will use them to build their nests.

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