Classic Copper Weathervanes

Large full-bodied ornaments crafted of copper and brass with hand-hammered styling. All Weathervanes include a free adjustable aluminum roof mount base.

46" Full-Bodied Traditional Weathervane

These weathervanes are made from rust-free aluminum in either an elegant gold-bronze, verdigris, or rust color. They are offered in 46" heights and include an adjustable aluminum roof mount base.

30" Full-Bodied Traditional Weathervane

If you prefer smaller full-bodied weathervanes, then these will be perfect. They are crafted of rust-free aluminum and include an adjustable aluminum roof mount base.

30" Color Weathervanes

Also available in a 30" size, are these attractive color ornaments that can be ordered in black as well. They can either be displayed on your rootop or in your garden. Pricing includes the complete weathervane.

30-inch Accent

Crafted of rust-free aluminum these all black weathervanes are both affordable and versatile. Each one comes with an adjustable aluminum roof mount base.

24-inch Accent

These all black weathervanes are small enough to display on a roof, a deck, or any other place you can think of.  An adjustable roof mount base is included with each weathervane.

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