Architectural Address Plaques

Admiral Address Plaques

This is a traditional plaque with a unique shape. You may order it in any one of three sizes, as a wall or lawn plaque, and with one or two lines of text.

Arch Marker Address Plaques

This address plaque is similar to the Admiral style but the lines are more defined.  It is crafted of recycled aluminum.

Cape Charles Address Plaques

The Cape Charles Address Plaque will make a handsome ornament for your home. The lines are clean and simple with an added feature of four small squares at the top for decoration.

Double Line Address Plaques

A simple yet elegant aluminum address plaque will dress up any home. This style is available as a wall or lawn ornament and can be ordered with one or two lines of text.

Egg and Dart Address Plaques

This traditional looking address plaque has an egg and dart border surrounding it and will allow for either one or two lines of text.

Florence Address Plaques

For a taste of Italy, add this decorative address plaque made from rust-free aluminum and finished with a weather-resistant paint.

Hampton Address Plaques

With a very unique shape, the Hampton Address Plaque will bring stylish elegance to your home.

Hartford Address Plaques

This aluminum plaque comes in three sizes and is a simple design for those who want an easy-to-read conservative address ornament.

Richmond Horizontal Address Plaques

Richmond Horizontal Address Plaques offer rounded sides and come in both wall and lawn versions. This plaque also come in a vertical option and can be ordered under Vertical Plaques.

Roanoke Address Plaques

This rust-free aluminum plaque is the perfect option when simplicity is your preference. As always, the paint used has been specially formulated to withstand the harshest elements.

Round Address Plaques

For a different sort of address ornament, try a round aluminum plaque in either a 15", 9", or 6" diameter. Choose from one of 18 colors to match the style of your home.

Square Address Plaques

Here's something original - a square address plaque made of recycled aluminum. Hang it on your wall or place it on your lawn. Choose from one, two, or three line options and 18 colors.

Versailles Address Plaques

Here's an address plaque fit for a king. Crafted of recycled aluminum, this rust-free plaque will resist even the harshest weather.

Two-sided Rectangle Address Plaques

Display your address on both sides of your plaque and place it on your front lawn for easy identification.

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