Residential Aluminum Fencing: Jerith Regency Series

Items in this section of the catalog are for COMPLETE FENCE ENCLOSURES ONLY.

If you are looking to purchase individual fence parts and accessories, please visit the Fence Part/Accessories section.


Buckingham is a traditional wrought iron design with pointed pickets much like Style #101, but with larger fence components. This aluminum fence is 33% stronger than a typical Residential fence. The pickets do not extend below the bottom rail.


Windsor is a traditional aluminum fence with a smooth top rail, similar to Style #202 but with no pickets below the bottom rail. Larger rails and pickets make this style 33% stronger than other Residential styles.


This fence is similar in design to Style #111 but with larger components, making it 33% stronger. The pickets do not extend below the bottom rail and the points are replaced with Majestic, Imperial, or Victorian finials.


Canterbury is the newest Jerith Regency style fence and looks very similar to Modified Style #200 (picture shown) with only every other picket extending to the top rail and no pickets below the bottom rail. But like all Regency fences, Canterbury has larger fence components than a typical Residential fence making it much stronger.

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