Residential Aluminum Fencing: Jerith Concord

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Jerith Concord #101 (EP-4)

Jerith's Concord style fences have an "Old World" wrought iron design with elegant curves connecting every other picket. But since it is constructed of aluminum, this fence is guaranteed not to rust.

Jerith Concord #111 (EP-4)

Instead of standard picket points, Concord #111 allows you to add Majestic, Imperial, or Victorian finials for a special decorative style.

Jerith Modified Concord #101
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The sections are built so the middle rails are spaced 45" apart and the pickets do not extend below the bottom rail. This modification allows these fences to be used to accomodate most pool codes at an overall height of 61", including the loops.

Jerith Modified Concord #111

Like Modified Concord #101, this style makes a beautiful addition to any yard, and it meets most pool codes due to the 45" spacing between horizontal rails and the lowering of the bottom rail. To make it even more special, you can add Majestic, Imperial, or Victorian finials.

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