Residential Aluminum Fencing: 200 Series

Items in this section of the catalog are for COMPLETE FENCE ENCLOSURES ONLY.

If you are looking to purchase individual fence parts and accessories, please visit the Fence Part/Accessories section.

Jerith Fence Style #202 (CP-1)

Style #202 is an aluminum fence that features a classic design with a smooth rail on top rather than exposed picket points.

Jerith Fence Style #200 (CP-2)

Style #200 is a variation of #202, which combines the safety of a top rail with the traditional look of pointed pickets below the rail.

Jerith Fence Style #211 (CP-3)

This is one of Jerith's newest styles of aluminum fencing. Now you can add Majestic, Imperial, or Victorian finials on a fence similar to Style #200.

Jerith Modified Fence Style #202 (CP-4)

Modified Style #202 is similar to the standard Style #202, but it can only be ordered in a height of 54". This allows for a 45" spacing between horizontal rails for strict pool codes. There are no pickets extending below the bottom rail of this aluminum fence.

Jerith Modified Fence Style #200 (CP-5)

Although similar to the standard Style #200, this fence only comes in a 54" height to allow for 45" spacing between horizontal rails, and the pickets do not extend below the bottom rail. It will meet the criteria for most pool codes, but you should always check your local area for town ordinances.

Jerith Modified Fence Style #211 (CP-5)

This style is similar to #200, but instead of picket points, you can install Jerith's decorative finials. The fence comes in a height of 54" to allow for a 45" spacing between the second and third rail, so there are no pickets extending below the bottom rail. Modified Style #211 will meet most strict pool codes.

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