Jerith Fence Style #402

Jerith Fence Style #402
Jerith Fence Style #402

Unlike Style #401, which has pickets at the top, Style #402 has a smooth rail for those people who don't want exposed points on their aluminum fence. The pickets are spaced 1-5/8" apart for added safety and security.

Available Fence Heights:

  • 36-inches
  • 42-inches
  • 48-inches - Meets most pool codes
  • 60-inches - Meets most pool codes
  • 72-inches - Meets most pool codes

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Bronze


Pickets are 5/8" square, and horizontal rails are 1" x 1". Sections contain 31 pickets rather than the typical 15.

Sections can not rake (slope) as far as other sections with pickets that are spaced farther apart, but you should be able to rake up to 14" per section.

Always check local pool codes and homeowner association restrictions before placing an order.

To begin building your new fence, select the fence height and color.

Fence Height:

Fence Color:

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