Fence Sections

Items in this section of the catalog are for individual purchase. If you are looking to erect an entire fence enclosure, please visit the Jerith Fence section.

Aluminum Fence Sections (6' Long)

All aluminum fence sections come in 6-foot lengths and are fastened together with either "invisible" stainless steel clips or screws (American, Liberty, and Industrial Fence only). If you need a shorter length, you may cut the section down with a hacksaw and notch the rail to fit into the post. Most sections are able to follow the slope of the ground by as much as 1 - 3 feet over a 6 foot span by simply pulling up on one side and down on the other. Please be aware that fences with loops (Concord styles)and screws can only rake about 1 - 2 feet, and those with rings can not rake at all and must be stepped. Fence accessories such as finials, ball caps, and scrolls are sold separately.

*CLEARANCE* 48" Black Style #200 Sections

These sections were returned to us unused and in good condition and are now available for purchase at a reduced cost. You must be in the NJ/PA area and be able to pick up the cartons at our Yardley, PA location.


Aluminum Fence Sections (8' Long)

Jerith offers several heavy-duty styles of fencing that can be purchased in 8' sections. The unique versatility of the Aero Series, Regency Series, and Industrial fencing make these fences great choices for swimming pools, estate fencing, golf courses, and housing developments. Shorter sections can be made using a hacksaw.

Steel Fence Sections (6' Long)

All Patriot Ornamental Wire sections are welded together and measure 6 feet in length. If you need a shorter section, you can cut one down and then seal-coat it with zinc rich primer (known as Cold Galvanizing) and paint it with Jerith's custom touch-up paint. You can install Patriot Ornamental Wire sections using new posts, or you can use existing posts (see installation page for instructions). Sections are available in 4 or 6 gauge wire.

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