Fence Sections and Posts

Items in this section of the catalog are for individual purchase. If you are looking to erect an entire fence enclosure, please visit the Jerith Fence section.

Fence Sections

Fence sections are usually shipped as fully assembled six foot panels, unless you are purchasing only a few sections of aluminum fencing, which may be shipped unassembled by UPS.

Fence Posts

These include line, end, and corner posts and are used to attach sections together. Blank posts, T-posts, and special posts are also available, so ask your Customer Service Representative.

Gate Posts

All gates require special posts that are either larger than fence posts or have thicker inside walls to keep the gates from sagging. Always use gate posts or strong columns when mounting a gate. These posts will work as line, end, or corner posts for your fence.

Steel Posts

These posts are used for Patriot Wire Fence only. Post caps and rail ends are included in the prices shown.

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