Tru-Post Double Hook Hanger

Tru-Post Double Hook Hanger

Each hook is made from powder coated aluminum and is designed for an 8" - 16" hanging flower basket, or a bird feeder/house or lantern up to 20 pounds. Hangers are 3' long and fit on top of a 2" x 2" line post. Ball cap is included. Bird feeders and lanterns can be found on the Home and Garden section of our website. (Please specify whether you'd like these to hang parallel, as shown, or perpendicular.)


Hanger is painted black and is attached to a black 2" post cap at the bottom. It will only fit on a line post. You can order Jerith spray paint if you'd like the post cap to match, and you have something other than black. Colored aluminum post caps are no longer available for purchase.

You may add additional hooks or use larger post caps as well - please contact customer service for pricing.

$79.50 Each

Price: $79.50

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