Residential Latch

Residential Latch

The standard latch, which is magnetic, self-latching, and provides a keylock will fit most Jerith Residential fences. These can also be purchased for any Jerith Residential gate with a 1-5/8" gate frame that needs a new latch and has replaced the old style that you may have currently.


Broken handles, lost keys, and other latch parts can be replaced by contacting Jerith's Customer Service Department directly at 800-344-2242.

This latch will fit 1-5/8" gate frames. If you have a 1" frame, you will need to find another option at a hardware store, purchase a Magna-Latch, or request a 5/8" spacer in order to use this latch.

Latches are available in black and bronze. Gates that are white and green will use black latches.

$48.50 Each

Price: $48.50

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